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Embedding humanity and purpose into small business websites since 2018

Our Mission

Make connections, find the purpose, build good websites.

Values we work (and live!) by

This set of values informs our day-to-day decisions, future goals, plans, and how we show up. If these resonate with you, perhaps we should talk!


Without the “why”, work and projects lose their luster. We keep the “why” so we don’t start asking “what’s the point?”


Honesty, follow-through, and respect are fundamental around here. We’ll do what we say we will, when we say we’ll do it (and communicate if timelines needs to change).


To show up to your project with our full attention and creativity, I need to balance work life with regular leisure and downtime. We hope you do the same.

This should be fun!

On the whole, we love designing and developing websites that help our clients reach their goals. And, we choose to work with nice, communicative people – that always helps!