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make your business shine.

We’re focused on building accessible, user-friendly websites that
convert ideas and what-if’s into action, and having a good time while we’re at it.

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Your website comes down to three things

There are loads of things to consider when designing and developing your website.
Here at SiteWorks Collaborative, it boils down to these three things:

  • Make it pop

A bit of a joke in the web dev space, but not without its merits. Your website should pop . . . with purpose.

How to pop with purpose
  • Accessibility- forward

You see the value and importance of making your website available to all of your visitors.

How to welcome all visitors

Why these three things? Easy – this is the winning combo to convert casual visitors into loyal customers:
Make it stand out, easy and intuitive, and without barriers.

Featured Work

We encourage you to do some “window shopping” while you’re here.
These websites have been designed with specific SMART Goals in mind. They don’t just look good, they perform well, too.

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Small serving small
(businesses, that is)

SiteWorks Ethos

At this level, relationships are foundational to not only the success of a web project, but also to enjoying the day-to-day. I work hard to develop trust, demonstrate integrity, and welcome new clients into the SiteWorks fam with enthusiasm.

More About Us

We believe in follow through

Ya know those people or companies that say they’re going to do something and then when it’s time to do it there’s just. . . crickets? That’s not us. We do the things we say we will.

We believe in Good Communication

We need to be on the same page and with a common understanding of goals, progress, and any changes. We strive to provide regular updates and check-ins via email and Zoom. No one should have to second guess the status of their project.

We Believe this Should be Fun

I mean . . . there are always tedious details to get through, but on the whole, we love designing and developing websites that help our clients reach their goals. And, we choose to work with nice, communicative people – that always helps!